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After some thought, I have decided to publish my 2004 essay on Bill Dixon. It can be found under “Aesthetics Addenda” on the right hand column of any page but “Home”. Likewise, but under “Articles/Interviews”, there is an 8 part e-mail dialogue with valued friend and (long distance) colleague Stefan Kac.

was the title of a screenplay Twin Cities’ thespian Fred Gartner said he was going to write once he moved to Hollywood in the mid-eighties; the “man” in question being me. I met Fred in 1981 when he appeared in, and Steve Gnitka and I provided the music for IN THE LONG NIGHT, a play more

YouTube presence

There are many reasons why I have avoided so-called “social media” (My Space, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Central to this decision is my lack of an appetite to compete for attention in a consumer-based marketplace, to say nothing of my distaste for image mongering and the career hustle. (Yes, yes, I know: the very fact more

A post from last year announcing personnel for the “2013 season” stated that “life is what happens when one makes plans”. And, more-so than any other year, that continues to be the case for this one. A few months ago, forgetting I had made it clear that, due to a consistent lack of respect from more