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was the title of a screenplay Twin Cities’ thespian Fred Gartner said he was going to write once he moved to Hollywood in the mid-eighties; the “man” in question being me. I met Fred in 1981 when he appeared in, and Steve Gnitka and I provided the music for IN THE LONG NIGHT, a play more

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There are many reasons why I have avoided so-called “social media” (My Space, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Central to this decision is my lack of an appetite to compete for attention in a consumer-based marketplace, to say nothing of my distaste for image mongering and the career hustle. (Yes, yes, I know: the very fact more

“The Light Keeps The Dark Company” was not an easy birth. Bookended by a concert recording riddled with tiny unwanted artifacts (brilliantly eradicated through the painstaking efforts of Dr. Metzger)  and a warped initial pressing (acknowledged and corrected by the manufacturer),  the umbilical cord of this limited edition (100 copies) Nero’s Neptune  LP more

I recently learned that, due to an oversight on my part, Jesse Petersen’s name was misspelled in the credits for SOUND CARVINGS (ONGOING CELEBRATIONS OF INSIGNIFICANCE). (His photo served as the template for the cover.) And while Jesse was not all that upset, I obviously regret the error, hence this public (so to speak, more

In 2009 I contacted Robin Rife, who, at the time, was booking music for Cafe Maude, about the possibility of a gig. The first surprise was that, unlike, say the booker for the Dakota, she actually responded to my inquiry. (Despite my lack of appetite for chasing after work which has increased exponentially with age, more

“Wiener-U-Bahn-Kunst” is a lavish, glossy, 294 page, 9″ X 12″ German language hardcover book (with an accompanying DVD) chronicling the history of Vienna’s subway system, and its interface with commissioned visual arts projects over the last two decades. As the Reform Art Unit (founded in 1965), and its offshoot Reform Art Orchestra have more

In a lifework marked by and continuing to vacillate among a certain respect, vilification, and essentially being ignored, the story of the Teenage Boatpeople is a curious chapter indeed. Founded by Jeff Johnson in 1979, the group recorded an EP and had but a handful of gigs. (Our sole headline outing at the 7th more