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In 2009 I contacted Robin Rife, who, at the time, was booking music for Cafe Maude, about the possibility of a gig. The first surprise was that, unlike, say the booker for the Dakota, she actually responded to my inquiry. (Despite my lack of appetite for chasing after work which has increased exponentially with age, more

“Wiener-U-Bahn-Kunst” is a lavish, glossy, 294 page, 9″ X 12″ German language hardcover book (with an accompanying DVD) chronicling the history of Vienna’s subway system, and its interface with commissioned visual arts projects over the last two decades. As the Reform Art Unit (founded in 1965), and its offshoot Reform Art Orchestra have more

In a lifework marked by and continuing to vacillate among a certain respect, vilification, and essentially being ignored, the story of the Teenage Boatpeople is a curious chapter indeed. Founded by Jeff Johnson in 1979, the group recorded an EP and had but a handful of gigs. (Our sole headline outing at the 7th more

The background (original post) follows. But at this point, the day after the 2nd concert, I want to publicly state my gratitude to each and every musician in the group. While I obviously don’t really know how each person really felt about the interface, it was obvious they were making a genuinely concerted effort. The more

The Shoppe makes available gently used (and, upon occasion, new) items both in and out of print by other musicians (& filmmakers).

Playing drum set, I joined Paul Metzger (on spontaneous composition generator; in stereo, no less!) and Elaine Evans (pocket trumpet and violin) for the first set  at Franklin Art Works on March 8. This amalgam has been in the works for a while, and  with good reason. I think I can write for the trio more

Thanks to my tag team partner Stefan Kac, and workshop participants Tricia Ireland, Dmitri Kaasan, Blake Nelson, Mike Owens, and Wendie Price for an excellent concert of improvised music at Walker Community Church. Utilizing the entire space for the 2-hour event, the music was consistent and focused, and thus, a vital conclusion to this more

This was an intense, exhausting and exhilarating experience. 10 + hours of travel, a 12 hour day consisting of a recording session and concert, a day spent hanging out with Fritz Novotny (including a long walk in the Vienna woods, and a delightful home-cooked meal at his new girlfriend Eleonore’s home), and then 10 + more


Jason — In light of the website overhaul, which, in part, facilitates my being able to directly contribute to its content, I want to publicly express my deep appreciation for your support, friendship, and, despite your current semi-retirement status, vital contributions to the music over the last 2 decades. Thank you, sir. –milo