3  SECTIONS (Studio Toile d’Angles/The Third Thursday @ Khyber Pass/Additional)

(Park on street. Entrance is via the wood gate to the north side of the house; push on left side. Follow the path to the studio door. Bike rack is available there. The Studio is a smoke free and street shoe free [shoe rack just inside studio door] environment. No food/beverages [plenty of tap water available]. Temperature is 68 degrees.)

Date City Venue Country
April 1, 2015 Studio Toile d’Angles in Minneapolis Studio Toile d’Angles United States
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages.
Address: 910 Morgan Ave. N. Venue phone: 651-269-9359.
No, not an actual concert date. Essentially, I’m hibernating until the thaw; save for private or semi-private sessions, errant gigs (which, weather permitting, strike my fancy), paying gigs (hah!), and, naturally, ongoing practicing. Without a gig listed, the default for GigPress cites a lack of upcoming “shows”. Like “performance” and “improv”, I find that word denigrating, and thus, until a gig is scheduled, am opting for this minor declaration.

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No shows booked at the moment.


No shows booked at the moment.